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    I’m using 3 different buck, boost ICs in my board.
    my power voltage (battery) is about 7.4V . i use one Buck IC (TPS54331) to provide 3.8V output. and used another Buck IC to provide 1.8V output for MCU.
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    I needed a 7V output too ! my power voltage (battery) may decrease after time. down to 5-6V . so i can’t use buck to convert 7.4v to 7v. i used a booster IC to convert 3.8V (output of buck converter) to 7v output.

    The problem is i burned almost 7-8 PCs of booster IC up to now ! this is first time i see a chip that much sensitive, i used TPS61040 in my circuit, it seems the mosfet is so sensitive and burns during soldering (because of ESD …) !anyway, after some tries, it worked at last but i worry for stability of the circuit in future, (some chips also burned after working, during soldering of some resistors connected to booster IC) the chip burns fast again … this 7v output is used to drive an external device.

    I just thought of using some more stable and resistive Step up booster IC maybe helpful. which IC do you recommend ?

    did you face such problem before ?

    Please help.

    I didn’t find the right solution from the Internet.


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