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    I’ve been stripping old laptop batteries to reclaim cells and testing them for capacity.

    I boost charged a number of “dead” cells up to the point where a lithium ion charger would “see” them and charge them properly.

    Afterwards I sorted them out, dumping some that were beyond hope, kept the good ones and also put to one side a bunch of low capacity cells e.g 1000-1400 mah thinking I could maybe use them for other projects such as torch batteries etc.

    I’ve just revisited this pile and I decided to retest a couple of cells where I wasn’t 100% clear on their original capacity becuase the sharpie had smeared on them

    They both came out around 500mah more than what I thought was written on them. So I started retesting more of my low capacity cells and a lot( but not all ) were also giving significant increases over the original capacity testing.

    Is this normal that is so called “dead” cell will actually need a few cycles to bring it back up to its full potential capacity ?

    Please help.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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