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    Hey guys.

    I’ve been lurking around the different powerwall/18650 youtube channels and facebook groups for a while and have a pretty good idea of how to build the charging and battery storage side of my powerwall. The one area I’ve been having a harder time with are the solar panels. This particular powerwall that I’m building will be a small 7s setup for my shed to power some indoor and outdoor LED lighting (and probably other things as i get more cells but that’s it for now).

    I can work out the total watts/kwh/loads etc so I’m not too worried about picking the size of the panels but finding used panels around me has proved to be difficult (at least within a distance I’m willing to drive for them). I recently found the link below but haven’t been able to find out much about them. I’ve asked the seller for some additional information but was hoping someone here had some insight into these panels and if the pricing looked good? Since it hasn’t been easy to find used panels I’m having a hard time judging what a fair price would be.

    Is there a big difference between the different manufacturers of panels? Should I care less about who makes them and more about the output of them and the price?

    Please help.

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