Have you had a fuse wire blow on any of your cells ?

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    I’m really interesting to hear from some of you who have had their powerwall running for a year or two, to see if anyone has had a cell fuse pop on its own. With 1000s of cells in daily use, it would be great to see some instances that have saved people’s packs.

    I’ve tested some 8a house fuse wire and of course it pops on shorting out, but I’m using some glass axial 4amp fuses to ensure they pop if down low. But why?

    I presume there are a few ways a cell can fail, thermal runaway is one that fuses will not save ? The other is a cell shorting out completely meaning a 20 to 40 amp fuse will do the same as my 4 amp fuse. Correct ? Average joe I think is using 1 amp fuses, he mentions he doesn’t want a bad cell taking down the rest of the pack. is there a situation where you get a semi shorted cell that drains the rest of the pack ? I presume this is why he is using 1 amp fuses. But I can see it would still drain the pack if it draw less than one amp.

    Anyone keen to know if anyone has had a fuse blow and if it was a dead short or semi failed ?
    Please help.

    I didn’t find the right answers from the Internet.

    References: http://diypowerwalls.com/t-Have-you-had-a-fuse-wire-blow-on-any-of-your-cells

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