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    i am a brand new member and i need some help if possible. today i made my second combustion type potato cannon and for some reason it will not fire. so here are the specs its combustion chamber is a 2 foot section of 4 inch pvc that has a coupling to the 5 foot section of 2 inch so its pretty big! which i think may be part of the problem. i am using a grill ignitor for ignition and i put the two screws close to the 4×2 coupling so there near the front of the combustion chamber.

    which also may be why it doesn’t work. then its 20 degrees where i’m at so i heard that hairspray condenses on the inside of the chamber so i left it in the house for about and hour before trying it while i fine tuned the screws and it gets a good spark but when i went out to test it it wouldn’t fire. also i tried it with the end cap off so i could see if it would even shoot flame out the back but that didn’t happen either.

    i think it may be the fuel if you have any suggestions for better fuel or whatever you feel is wrong with it let me know

    Please help.

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    References: http://www.spudfiles.com/combustion-cannons/topic20116.html

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