How to pick handcuffs with a double lock

This is how to pick handcuffs. For this video, I chose to use a pair of Smith and Wesson M100 handcuffs with a double locking system.
With this model, the double lock is set up by pushing the small bar with the other side of the key. Once double locked, handcuffs can't be tightened anymore. On other models, the double lock works with a simple hole where you need to insert the key or with a simple button on the side, what allows to lock more easily.
To disable the double locking system, you need to insert the key and to turn in the opposite direction as the one to open handcuffs.
It is not difficult to pick handcuffs when you understand how it works. You simply need to use a small metallic rod which goes into the lock (lock-picks, paper clip, windscreen wiper part, hairpin, etc.) and to fold the extremity.

- Insert the pick into the lock
- turn it about 45 ° in the required direction (it depends on whether the double lock is set or not
- pull the pick to the outside and continue until you unlock the double locking system or you open the handcuff.

Colored smoke

Here is how to make colored smoke mix. In this video I show you how to make purple ones using rhodamine B.

To produce color, the dye must be vaporized by the combustion heat and exit the reaction zone attached to the gasseous by-products where it will condense in air to re-form into solid dye particles generating the color effect. Moisture plays a big role here, a higer humidity will generate higer smoke density.

All usable dyes must meet the following criteria:

Smoke mix

Smoke mix is a composition designed to produce smoke upon ignition. A common formula for a grey/white coloured smoke device is a mixture of the oxidizer Potassium nitrate, and sugar. This formula has another very similar variant in which the ingredients are left in powder form and the granulated sugar is replaced with icing sugar. The volume of smoke produced is approximately 600 times the volume of mixture used. The exact ratio is not as important in this mixture as in candy propellant, which is a similar mixture.

Smoke mix can be made in many ways, you can either mix Potassium nitrate and Sugar dry, in a 60/40 mixture by weight, or, for a better smoke mix, you can melt them down together over an electric hot plate. You should NOT make a batch more than 100 grams total at once, as the larger the batch, the harder it is to evenly cook. For a safer consolidation method than melting see below.