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    i am a newbie machine operator on a Trumpf L4030 machine with 4 kw resonator, and i have a few things that bothers me.
    the machine just arrived in our workshop in 4 months. it is built in 2000, but it is in a new-like condition, almost. the laser power goes up just to ~3860 W, and we don’t know why, yet.
    but my main problem is the quality of the cutting. i worked a few years on a Trumatic 180 Laserpress, so i know one or two things about laser cutting, but this machine is a little bit different. it is more flexible and easier to use, if it is set correctly.
    our first major problem was with the focus point zero setting. it took a while to figure it out that the lens holder should set to 4.6 mm and there is the 0 point, and from then should set the value -3 for 3″ lens, respectively -5 for 7.5″ lens. with the 7.5″ lens it looks OK this setting, but not with 3″. with mild steel i had to let the lower with a few 0.1 mm, but with stainless steel i have to lower with 2 mm to get the cutting usable, without burr, but not perfect.

    Can somebody explain me what am i missing here?

    Please help.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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