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    I am working on a project for a cube-sat to go up on a balloon to 40 km.

    My team has been talking to some other groups who have worked on other cube-sats who say that our resistive heaters need to be Kapton heaters rather than 1D heaters like what we have designed for.

    They claim that our heaters will fail in the medium vacuum but haven’t given us a reason as to why they would fail.

    Through my research and analysis, I have found that we will not come even close to the operational temperature limits of the heaters, nor will we have any vibration that could cause issues with it.

    Have any of you heard of any issues on restive heaters in vacuum unrelated to temperature that could cause the heaters to fail?

    And what would you recommend we do to mitigate the problem that doesn’t require extremely expensive replacements?

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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