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    Maybe this Idea for my old Sony VCR stand by switch maybe a crazy idea and maybe not executable,but i like crazy ideas, who knows if some one of you are experts and can tell that it can be done or not; here goes my idea.

    I have an old Sony VCR for the tuner from my coaxial RF distribution cable and i’m using it with my small 8” lcd Phillips monitor in the bathroom and have the VCR hidden inside the vanity and all connected to a power outlet with a switch.

    When i turn the switch on it turns on monitor and VCR but the VCR goes right back to Standby so every time i have to access the Vanity inside where the VCR is and push the power button.

    Is it possible to make an adoption in the VCR power supply and replace the standby switch regulator for one that switches on VCR without going through the Stand by regulator mode switch ?

    I can mess with this one because i have a few more of these SLV700 models

    Please help.

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    startup animation explainer

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