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    I am currently modifying a Drifter go kart by replacing the existing 24 V lead acid (14 amp hour) battery with a home made 24 V (7 series 2 parallel) 18650 battery pack. The batteries were purchased from ***** and arrived in perfect condition as usual. The 7S2P Pack is intentionally small so I can learn the basic issues of electric go karts.

    The only change I am making is swapping out the battery. All other connections to the original charge controller (30 amp max) remain unchanged (throttle, charger, breaks, etc).

    Everything worked well. It took a while to solder the XT60 connectors (I am new at this) but the motor runs well using the existing controller. I conducted several “test runs” with the go kart on the work bench and all worked well.

    The wires, BMS, and battery all remained cool during several tests. I will conduct a “road test” tommorow by reassembling the rest of the go kart and taking it for a slow and short ride. This is a very small project that I am using to learn the basics.
    This hobby regarding electric powered stuff is awesome.

    I just need more time and money to keep it going. ?

    Can anyone help me by advising me?

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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