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    Hello All,

    I just purchased this inverter and thought I’d post a thread to share my experiences with it and data as I go along. It’s currently selling for $165 including shipping within the US (ships from California, I got it in 2 business days).

    It’s a Reliable brand inverter, other Youtube videos I found on it show it is a pretty solid inverter, I saw a video of it operating at 1560W or so powering an electric oil heater, at an efficiency of around 82%. I plan on using it to charge my Nissan Leaf with the 120V adapter, which pulls up to 1437W.

    I just did a quick test with a 60V 5A bench supply to make sure it works, and it seems that it doesn’t like running unloaded (the voltage display flickers and it makes unhappy noises), but with a little 7W CFL plugged in it works fine. It runs from 42V to 58.8V (up to 60V specced), which is perfect for a 14S Li-Ion setup which I intend to use. It has an awfully loud beeper that turns on below 42V, and the output shuts off below 40V.

    It won’t turn back on until it reaches 49.1V (3.5V/cell for 14S). It appears to have a true shutoff when the switch is off, no leakage current, but I’ll confirm that with a current meter later.
    Please help.

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    References: http://www.diypowerwalls.com/t-48V-1500W-Inverter

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