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    My friend drives an electric Smart Car to her job, which uses about 50% of the car’s charge per day. This was great when we were renting a house and could plug in the standard Level 1 120v AC charger, but now we’re being displaced to an apartment and won’t have access to a power outlet near the parking space or access to any charging stations.

    Since I’ve recently started experimenting with my own 18650 battery packs, I’m wondering how feasible it would be to at least partially power the car with these packs. The idea is that I’d charge some packs (3S? 4S? Not sure yet). I would then use those fully charged packs with an AC inverter, attach the Smart Car’s 120v AC charger to the inverter, and plug the charger into the car while it’s parked.

    Based on what information I can find, the Smart Fortwo uses a 17.6 kWh / 52.0 Ah battery consisting of 93 cells. I take it this mean the nominal voltage is 344v DC.

    The Smartcar’s AC charger runs at 120v * 12a = 1,400w

    It’s a shame to have to go from DC to AC and back to DC to charge the car’s battery, but I’m guessing it’s not a wise idea to try and charge the car’s battery directly from my DC source.

    So my question is… how feasible would this be to charge half of the car’s battery from some 18650 packs connected to an inverter which is plugged into the car’s AC charger?
    Please help.

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