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    Hi guys

    I’m looking to build a wall for my soon to be converted van (kind of RV) to support a fridge (12, water pump and my electronics like smartphone, laptop and projector.

    Most RV enthusiasts will have AGM batteries/lead acid combo but i would like to try my luck having a powerwall as any “normal” house would have.

    The battery bank will have 3 sources for charging being from the most desirable to the least: solar, van alternator and mains when available.

    Current parts wish list:

    – Solar panel: GWL/Power Solar panel GWL/Sunny Mono 300Wp 32V
    – Pure sine inverter: there’s a choice between 12/24/48V/120V and 1000w 1500w 2000w 2500w 3000w to run my electronics
    – CTEK D250S Dual: it’s dual purpose, it’s a MPPT controller and is also a automatic commuter from alternator charging to solar charging
    – CTEK SMARTPASS: will allow charging up to 400Ah
    – Mains charger for when i have access to 220v AC: did not find the best option yet to charge 18650 battery bank

    Project goals/considerations:

    – power the fridge 24/7
    – easy to build as my knowledge is limited
    – all i have a soldering station
    – do it low cost – getting used laptop batteries to get cells from (already have some at disposal)
    – safe to use: i will put the battery bank in a safe vented enclosure but it will still be inside the van where i will be sleeping
    – up-gradable: i would like to be able to size it further by adding banks whenever i get enough cells to build more. therefore, i would like to build it in a way that the system is already ready to accept more capacity

    What are you toughts on this?

    Should i go for it or should i just stick to the mainstream acid batteries for this purpose?

    Please help.

    I didn’t find the right solution from the Internet.

    References: http://diypowerwalls.com/t-RV-18650-solar-alternator-mains

    Company Overview Video

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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